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Posted: 31/03/2010

Live Online Professional Development (LOPD)

Do you or your colleagues�.

  • value opportunities for professional development but feel reluctant to be out of school for a whole day to attend a CPD course?
  • feel that sometimes attending courses during school hours inevitably leaves you with more work to do, for example, setting cover work for your groups?
  • find that you can't spare the valuable curriculum time with your examination classes?
  • have little or no money in your department budget to spend on supply cover when you are out of school or college on a course?

If so, you may be interested in Live Online Professional Development courses in Mathematics.

Upcoming courses: (applications by 16th April unless stated otherwise):

  • Mechanics 2 (£150)
  • Principal Learning for the Level 3 Engineering Diploma Unit 8: Mathematical Techniques and Applications for Engineers (£150)
  • Polar Coordinates and Power Series for A2 Further Mathematics (£75)
  • Matrices for A2 Further Mathematics (£75)
  • Calculus and Hyperbolic Functions for A2 Further Mathematics (£75) applications by 21st May

LOPD is an innovative approach to professional development. Rather than attending a one or two day course, delegates meet weekly over 4 -10 weeks for live, interactive online sessions with a tutor and a small group of teachers. These courses are ideal for teachers who are unable to take time out of school. Sessions are delivered using a facility which allows a tutor and delegates to communicate live online using audio and handwriting on a shared virtual whiteboard and instant messaging. They cover common subject content and facilitate the exchange of teaching ideas.

�This is not a passive learning experience � you have to join in with key questions, which can be fun and scary!� LOPD participant

For more detailed information about these courses, application forms and contact information please visit:

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